Have you ever had a major crush on a person who is in a relationship that is so obviously wrong for them and you wished you could just shake them awake to the potential of your romance? Like Francesca and Dev in ‘Master of None’. 

Thats what this song is about. 

For this story, lets call him Albert. 

Albert and I had known each other for years and shared a sexy and fun chemistry but we had never gotten together because we were always in relationships with other people. But I was single and ready to mingle at the time he invited me to his house warming party. 

He had come over to my place in a UHaul truck to gift me his old desk and looked frazzled and sad when he showed up so I asked why. He told me how he and his girlfriend had been fighting, and he felt she was cruel to him. He said he thought it was over. 

Over, really? How interesting… 

At the party I wore an old Rolling Stones t-shirt and a sick wooly sweater I had just purchased at the Fairfax Flea. I walked in and Albert immediately greeted me arms wide open and led me to a chair to sit with him and talk. 

‘When do you know its over, Dayle?’ he asked me with big, sad puppy dog eyes. ‘Like how did you know it was over for you and your ex?’. 

I inhaled slowly, this was the moment I had been waiting for. I opened my mouth and was about to reply ‘ Wake up! How could you mistake that bullshit for love? Love should make you strong, and strength isn’t holding on to relationships that don’t serve you. Be with me, you fool!’ but alas, I was interrupted by a giggly drunk person who wanted to talk about Trumps latest scandal. 

On the way home I felt sad that I never got to tell Albert how I felt. I felt sad that he was with someone who treated him badly. I felt sad that he and I both knew that I could offer him something real, but he was choosing something, someone, different.  In the shallow depths of feeling sorry for myself I realized that DUH!  I was the one who needed my advice; ‘Don’t mistake this bullshit for love. He doesn’t see you the way you need to be seen. He is clearly choosing something different and that is his right to do so. Move on.’ 

Then I went home and wrote this song. Its called ‘Advice’. Its one of my favorites, so I hope you like it too. Thanks for listening! 

Until next time… 


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