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Dayle McLeod is a deeply Canadian Actress, Songstress, Producer and writer in Toronto, Ontario. Try and Guess her ethnicity! The Answer is hidden somewhere in this very enticing reading to find out!

Dayle got her start starring in Martin Gero’s CW/CTV series ‘THE L.A COMPLEX’ as Beth, the genius, punk teen charged with taking care of her younger brother after being orphaned, and continued to make her way in the industry with HeyDW! 's epic gay web series ‘THATS MY DJ’ as the lusty but romantically irresponsible Hannah, where she garnered two 'Best Supporting Actress Nominations.

She recently collaborated with  'American Psycho' director Mary Harron in her new film ‘Charlie Says’. The film is a feminist look at the women behind the Manson murders, alongside ‘THE CROWN’ star Matt Smith who plays Manson. Inspired by the script, Dayle wrote a song for the movie called 'My Mother's Body' which will be featured in the film as a musical score, premiering at the The 75th Venice International Film Festival, with it's U.S Premier at Tribeca Film Festival 2019 and U.S Limited Release on May 10 2019. 

In January she wrapped up an eight episode arc on Syfy/Amazon's 'The Expanse Season 4' playing a sexy bad-ass Martian called 'LeeLee' alongside the wonderful Frankie Adams.

Dayle’s music is a fusion of classic Canadian folk with her millenial, psychedelic sensibilities. She released her debut E.P ‘IN BLOOM' in January 2017 and her first L.P ‘FRIENDS’ was released August 2018.

Dayle released her first music video for her single 'Melancholia' directed by Sam Coyle of With Wolves Media in Toronto. Together, they made her second music video 'FRIENDS', a raw and epic dance piece about sexy lady-love and betrayal. Next in their creative marriage is Sam's first feature film, 'Hazy Little Thing' where Dayle has a starring role as 'River', a modern Nympth which will premier some time later this year.  

Dayle's first book 'If it isn't Love, It isn't You: Ayahuasca, Insanity and my Sudden and Violent Spiritual Awakening', about her experience healing mental illness using psychedelics will be released in the summer of 2019.

Dayle lives in Toronto with her dog and trees. She loves to travel and can often be found in coffee shops in New York staring at dogs and their people, trying to find a good joke or at Griffith Park in Los Angeles looking for Natalie Portman. Dayle comes from an interracial family and is an ethnically mixed masterpiece of a human being with South African, German, Chinese, Indian and Ashkenzie Jew blood! 

Thank you for checking out her AMAZING WEBSITE! Take a look around to hear her SOULFUL MYSTICAL FOLK music, be BLOWN AWAY by her acting demo reel, then polish off your visit by watching her witchy-ass music videos and HILARIOUS short film. Then reach out! Sign up for the mailing list. Or just say hi. She is also just a regular person.

Peace to the Middle East!