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Daylight Original Car Crystal
  • Daylight Original Car Crystal
  • Daylight Original Car Crystal
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Chakra-Healing Car Crystals

Introducing Daylight’s Original Chakra Healing Car-Crystals

A Metaphysical nutrient calling upon the collective ancient powers of seven unique crystal properties, to soothe the body’s chaotic energies into a natural vibrational state.

Daylight’s Original Chakra Healing Car-Crystal is a handmade crystal ornament with eight tumbled stones that energetically work together to gently ease the body’s seven chakras into balance and alignment while you drive.

Elegantly hand-crafted using deerskin leather and gold crystal wrap, Each of the eight crystals emit a powerful healing energy collectively directed to the associated body chakra. Each crystal has a distinct bioenergetic frequency or ‘personality’ and was carefully chosen for their healing and protective qualities.

Dangled from your rearview mirror, these ‘live’ crystals become super-charged in sunlight and interact with the subtle vibrational energies of your being, conveniently bringing a sense of equilibrium and harmony to the body as you tackle your daily responsibilities.

For optimal purity, each individual DAYLIGHT crystal is cleansed in a salt water bath for at least twenty-four hours and are blessed with love and sage before being sent off into the world.

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Daylight Car Crystal Mini
  • Daylight Car Crystal Mini
  • Daylight Car Crystal Mini
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MINI Chakra-Healing Car Crystal

For those of you with smaller windshields, or a 'less is more' kind of attitude, we've got a MINI version of our Original Chakra-Healing Car Crystal containing 4 (rather than 8) chakra-stones.

It's unofficial name is SEXMONEYLOVEGOD. Let me explain!

First stone is Orange Carnelian, for a balanced 2nd chakra that rules your sexuality/creativity. (SEX) Second stone is Yellow Citrine for your 3rd chakra that is associated with abundance and prosperity. (MONEY) Third stone is Green Aventurine to help your heart chakra give and receive love in a healthy and balanced way. (LOVE) Fourth stone is Clear Quartz to help clear your crown chakra into oneness with the divine. (GOD)

Our price is reflective of our operational/material/labour costs. Each ornament is made from the highest quality crystals and materials we can get our hands on, and an artist spends an hour (on average) making each piece. Daylight Crystals is committed to a conscious business model, fair pricing and living wages for all employees.

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Thank you. Merci. Gracias. Namaste.

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