Daylight Original Car Crystal
  • Daylight Original Car Crystal
  • Daylight Original Car Crystal
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Chakra-Healing Car Crystals

Introducing Daylight’s Original Chakra Healing Car-Crystals

A Metaphysical nutrient calling upon the collective ancient powers of seven unique crystal properties, to soothe the body’s chaotic energies into a natural vibrational state.

Daylight’s Original Chakra Healing Car-Crystal is a handmade crystal ornament with eight tumbled stones that energetically work together to gently ease the body’s seven chakras into balance and alignment while you drive.

Elegantly hand-crafted using deerskin leather and gold crystal wrap, Each of the eight crystals emit a powerful healing energy collectively directed to the associated body chakra. Each crystal has a distinct bioenergetic frequency or ‘personality’ and was carefully chosen for their healing and protective qualities.

Dangled from your rearview mirror, these ‘live’ crystals become super-charged in sunlight and interact with the subtle vibrational energies of your being, conveniently bringing a sense of equilibrium and harmony to the body as you tackle your daily responsibilities.

For optimal purity, each individual DAYLIGHT crystal is cleansed in a salt water bath for at least twenty-four hours and are blessed with love and sage before being sent off into the world.

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