The Story of Your Life Course
  • The Story of Your Life Course
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The Story of Your Life Course

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Is your life a page-turner? A yawner? A hackneyed story you’ve gotten tired of repeating?

I believe every life has a story.

We tell these stories of our lives to friends and neighbors, on job interviews and blind dates, at slumber parties, and in therapy. Too often though the stories we tell, and live are cliches’, simplistic tales of blame, guilt hopelessness, and anger that limit our understanding of the past and close off possibilities for the future.

‘That's the story of my life’- we say when things go wrong, again.

But the story of your life doesn’t have to read like bad fiction. Even ordinary lives have the elements of great literature. Each of us lives three major plots- love, mastery, and loss. These plots are motivated by our needs for self-esteem, control, and separation.

They are complicated by the themes of sex, money, escape, and children. We enact these plots and complications with a cast of major and minor characters, the most important of whom is the narrator- ourselves.

In my course, the story of your life, you will learn how to assume authorship of these elements, revise trite or destructive storylines, and craft a new narrative of courage, fulfillment, imagination, and unfolding potential.

For six weeks we will work together in a group to create an artful existence full of the complexity, nuance, and excitement of a great novel.

Class will begin on Sunday March 7 at 2pm and continue for the following 6 weeks with a bonus 7th Session on How to Self Publish your Book.

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