Dayle McLeod is a South African/German/Chinese/Indian Multi-disciplinary Artist, Environmentalist, Feminist and Shaman from Canada. Born in Alliston, Ontario, a rural potato-farming town North-West of Toronto, she started making Folk Music at the age of five, became a professional actress working in the Theatre, Film and Television at fifteen and was involuntarily initiated into Shamanism at twenty-four. She is a partner of, an organization dedicated to bringing the knowledge of the Divine Feminine to Feminism in the form of edutainment, live Ecstatic Dance events and Community Ceremony for the rehabilitation and re-integration of the Divine Feminine into modern day society. She is currently in hiding, finishing her first book 'Creatively Ill: Ayahuasca, Insanity and My Sudden and violent Shamanic Rebirth', a piece of non-fiction that chronicles the strange and curious tale of her becoming a shaman, the healing power of art, the hidden creative super-powers of mental illness and the absolute necessity of healing the sexes and cultivating tribe. The book is to be released on March 9 2020. To follow her progress please sign up for her mailing list. To be in touch please contact her directly at the 'contact' page of this website. Thanks for stopping by. 

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