'FRIENDS' Music video

Song written and performed by Dayle McLeod. Directed by Sam Coyle of With Wolves Media. Starring Dayle McLeod and Sam Coyle. Choreographed by Rebecca Reinhart. Cinematography by James Poremba. Edited by Nick Coyle. Produced by Dayle McLeod

Special Thanks to David Reale, Christian and Sheila Hawkes, Sandra Lambie, Steve the Hot Fire Fighter and Alex Paxton-Beesley

'Melancholia' Music Video

Song Written, performed and produced by Dayle McLeod. Directed by Sam Coyle.Cinematography by James Poremba. Set design by Allison Zwicker. Starring Dayle McLeod and Jeff Hansen.Edited by Nick Coyle. Produced by Dayle McLeod, Sam Coyle, Nick Coyle and Leigh Bush.

Created by Dayle McLeod for the song 'My Mother's Body' for the film 'Charlie Say's by Mary Harron.